Welcome to the world of PowerCubic™ Modular Power System.

PowerCubic™ Modular Power Socket System revolutionized conventional power strip and surge protector.

The PowerCubic™ worldwide patent pending modular mechanism offers flexibility to you like nothing before, allowing you to build your very own power socket specifically to your need with the PowerCubic™ list of add-on accessories íV from additional AC socket extensions, USB charging solutions to Surge Protection for your AV and Tel/Fax/LAN system.

Surge Protection comes standard for any PowerCubic™ products, with ON/OFF switch to ensure all connected electrical appliances, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, TV, Sat Dish etc..are fully protected.

With the ever growing number of electronics you use at home, so do your need of electrical outlets, charging outlets. With the PowerCubic™ extensible design, buy only what you need, add later as you wish like no other power strip in the market now.

PowerCubic™ also solves an age-old problem íV stacks of power adaptors stuffed into a gang of sockets, and the mess of wires that tangle around them. Forget clumsy, old fashioned surge protectors. Your precious equipment deserves PowerCubic™ Modular Power System.

With PowerCubic™ Modular Power System, you simply add on the specific socket types that you need. No mess, no fuss, no waste.

Just click them on and power up!

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